Making Progress


We spent the morning discussing in greater detail what we want from the exhibition and trying to nail down a few ideas. Our course director joined us to do to observe how the group.  We discussed the idea of screen printing as a vehicle to deliver a message. We all still like this idea of building a wall with cardboard boxes.  Bullies like boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Andy Warhol is famous for his boxes see the links below. accessed on 4th Feb. 2013 accessed on 4th Feb. 2013


I like this image. Might be one we could use.

The boxes can be used in different ways.  We discussed;

To build a wall starting with the larger boxes and ending with the smaller, takes the viewer on a journey and acts as a metaphor for overcoming the problem. Starting out as a big problem and through seeking help and support the problem becomes smaller until it vanishes.

Footprints to guide the viewer on the journey.

A box, within a box, within a box.

A box that comes with instructions.

Box with a net to symbolise safety.

Cereal boxes as campaign boxes.

Homemade graphics that look homemade.

Twister type tunnel.

Net to symbolise the web.


I was in a school recently where they were doing on workshop around bullying. I wasn’t at the meeting but they left this behind. Thought we might get some inspiration from it.

Other items to be considered for the exhibition ;






Having our course director present seemed to change the dynamic of the group. We broke into  into groups, throwing questions out etc. The confidence within the group is growing week by week. People are slowly beginning to use their voices, which is what we want. Many chefs make light work. The titles Rise Above and Break Through are still the favourites.

Thomas Hirschhoun uses boxes and containers in his work;

Drift Topography 2003 by Thomas Hirschhorn born 1957

Saw this piece at Tate Modern, Liverpool in November 2012.


Absolutely love this!

Some examples of cardboard walls;


Lastly we discussed possible venues for the exhibition.

New Library

Studio Nine

School yard

Mobile exhibition that we could take around schools.

Next week we hope to get working with photo emulsion. We need to have some images ready to move with next week.  I leave you with a little demonstration  on how to burn a screen.

And lastly my Friday tune; Cheesey I know but one of my Dad’s favs. Heard it on the radio today.

About Nancy Rochford-Flynn

My work explores the relationship between art and the community. I strive to use art as a tool to affect positive change in the lives of those who feel marginalised or socially excluded within society and to create work that has a social meaning and purpose. My work examines gender and identity and the physical and psychological effects of exclusion and oppression. My aim is to be an active participant regarding this and to develop my research skills in relation to equality issues. My current project looks at the mis-representation of Irish women in Irish society. I believe in sharing resources and experiences to promote positive growth. The process is important to me. I find that experimentation compliments and strengthens my learning. My background in theater performance guides me towards creating art which encompasses both a visual and a narrative dynamic.

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